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4D Cityscape 4D Batman Gotham City Time Puzzle (1550 Pieces)

4D Cityscape 4D Batman Gotham City Time Puzzle (1550 Pieces)

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Brand: DC Comics

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After making four-dimensional puzzles of real places, 4D Cityscape decided to start making puzzles of fictional places. Batman fans will be delighted with the Batman 4D Puzzle of Gotham City. This puzzle comes with 1,550 pieces and is based on DC Comics’ Batman comic book series. The physical puzzle is three-dimensional, with information in a guidebook acting as the fourth “dimension”.

The first layer is a 1,120-piece jigsaw puzzle that lays the groundwork of the various locations and regions of Gotham City.

The second layer consists of 311 puzzle pieces that replicate the nighttime landscape of Gotham City.

And in the 162-piece third layer, you add miniature replica models into the puzzle, including famous buildings and structures such as Wayne Manor, the Gotham City Police Department, Ace Chemical Plant, Wayne Tower, Iceberg Casino & Lounge, and more. There is even a mini–LED Bat-Signal on top of the police department building.

And the fourth dimension is time. Puzzlers can read about Gotham’s development over time in the included guidebook.

Dimensions: 32-inch x 19.2-inch X 6-inch